This Week in Cheer : October is Breast Cancer Month so we will be wearing our adorable pink socks all month long with our uniforms. Please do not lose them.

Homecoming Game is this Saturday. Parents should plan on arriving at the scoreboard endzone at least 30 mins prior to the start of each levels game for pregame introductions.



Wear your entire uniform. You MUST bring a change of clothes if coming for an earlier game or staying later.

You may only eat plain hot dogs or pretzels and drink only clear liquids while in uniform. Strictly enforced. Cheerleaders are NOT permitted to visit the stand. Parents must do this for them BEFORE halftime. Each squad will be split into 2 groups with each having an approx 5 min break after halftime.

Hair pulled up neatly in a high pony. Do not use the bow to hold your pony.

No jewelry or nail polish

  • If you have not handed in your 2017 Code of Conduct sign-off please do so now.




Homecoming Game: Saturday October 14th.

Powder Puff Football Game: Friday October 20th : Taxi & PeeWee , JV & Varsity

ACJCL Exhibition: Wednesday November 8th (Varsity Only)

EHTHS Cheer Comp: Sunday November 12th

HSHS Cheer Comp: Sunday November 19th

Sandbowl Practices: MANDATORY for ALL 8th graders Mon & Tues Nov 20 & 21 from 6 to 8 at the AC PAL Center

Sandbowl: Saturday November 25th (8th Graders Only)



Please check with your coaches about practice days and times.

Please bring a water bottle to practice.

Girls are to wear shorts, T-shirts and cheer sneakers. Hair must be in a ponytail and no jewelry or gum.


Varsity Coaches:  RuthAnn Martinelli, (Coordinator), Nikki Cartwright, Crystal Riotta, Tori Parker

JV Coaches: Nicole Cartwright, (Co-coordinator) Stephanie White

PeeWee Coaches: Maddie Marcheski, Laurie Moody, Bella Wamsher

Taxi Coaches: Brooke Szeker, Libby Snyder


“The thing about football - the important thing about football - is that it is not just about football” - Terry Pratchet