2021 Mandatory Cheer camp is July 19th – 21st 9am to 1pm at All-Star One gym.


Registration will close on July 9th for Cheer.


All cheer questions go to:




Game Day Rules: Please arrive promptly at the time specified by your level coaches. Wear your vest, long sleeves and skirt and leggings.  Hair in a high ponytail.  Absolutely NO jewelry of any kind or nail polish may be worn.

If you come for an earlier game or stay for a later games you must bring a change of clothes.

No cheerleaders are permitted to visit the snack stand in uniform, and cheerleaders in uniform may ONLY eat plain hot dogs, plain pretzels and clear drinks!! NO EXCEPTIONS


Please be advised Blue Devils Cheerleading is only open to children who reside full-time within City of Absecon limits as verified by their school address.


Please check with your coaches about practice days and times.

Please bring a water bottle to practice.

Girls are to wear shorts or leggings, T-shirts and cheer sneakers. Hair must be in a ponytail and no jewelry or gum.


Varsity Coaches: Nikki Cartwright

JV Coaches:  Stephanie White, Justine Daly

PeeWee Coaches: Alison Bell

Taxi Coaches: Erin Gorman


“Individual COMMITMENT to a group effort - that is what makes a team work.  ~ Vince Lombardi” - Terry Pratchet